Parent Resources

7 Signs Your Child
May Need Help

How can I help my child be more successful in school? Why is my child so frustrated with school? 

Could Your Child Have a
Reading Problem?

You can spot warning signs in a child as young as preschool age that can predict future reading problems. 

What You Need to Know to Help Your Child Read Better

What is fluency and how do you know if your child is a fluent reader? Fluency is the ability to read a text
accurately and quickly. 

Helping Your Child
Learn Math 

There are many ways parents can easily be involved in their children’s mathematics education. Parents' attitudes toward mathematics definitely have an impact on their children’s attitudes.

7 Test-Taking

Chances are your child is getting ready to take tests that at certain grade levels can impact whether he/she goes on to the next grade or even graduates from high school. Here are 7 tips to help you and your child have a more positive test-taking and test follow-up experience. 

Does What We Eat Affect
the Way We Learn?

Nutrition and Learning
(Article taken in part from Stowell Learning Center) According to Gayle Moyers, certified educational therapist of Moyers Learning Systems, "What we eat has more impact on learning than we ever give it credit.