Prescriptive Math and
Reading Programs

Success Center offers research-based, prescriptive math and reading programs that target the specific needs of each student. We understand the importance of effective teachers engaging in modeling and direct explanation to teach students strategies they can use to become more successful students. A variety of teaching strategies and instructional materials are used to fit individual learning styles. The programs consist of a three-step approach as described below.

Step 1-Diagnostic Assessment

Success Center begins with an extensive Diagnostic Assessment that isolates a student’s strengths and weaknesses, assesses current abilities and provides the foundation for creation of each student’s individualized program of instruction. Then, we conduct an individual Parent Conference to discuss the results of the Diagnostic Assessment. With the parent's permission, Success Center will share the test results and educational goals of the student with the student's teacher. We are part of your team!

Step 2-Individualized Program of Instruction

Based on the Diagnostic Assessment, an individualized academic program is designed for each student. A variety of materials, techniques and strategies are used with each student to provide him or her with the exact skill and content needed at the precise level of difficulty necessary to promote maximum growth. Students work at a comfortable yet challenging level in the recommended student-teacher ratio (maximum of 3:1) to help them become more independent learners.

Step 3-Results

As students work toward new academic goals, their attitude and self-esteem improve because they are working at their instructional level. In our prescriptive programs, students average a gain of 1-2 years of math/reading improvement in just 48 hours of instruction. We don't teach our students a few tricks-we teach them how to learn!

Why does the Success Center approach work? 

Success Center provides an individualized program of instruction for each child based on the assessed gaps and strengths. We focus on skill development, not tutoring. Success Center works in partnership with parents and schools to more effectively deliver the most effective program of instruction for each student.