"As a high school senior, I noticed how much I have been able to achieve in life with the help I was given at Success. In second grade, I had fallen behind and was reading at a level that was so far behind everyone else. I couldn’t spell either. By the time third grade started, I was not only behind, but I had lost my confidence too. I took a reading course at Success, and through the learning processes, I was able to catch-up and get well ahead of other students my age. That’s all it took, one reading course at Success to catch me up and restore my confidence. I can only imagine how my life would be different if I had been allowed to continue without regaining my confidence. In eighth grade, I was a state finalist for Future Problem Solving Scenario Writing which affirms I am a good reader and a writer. I continue to compete at state in Future Problem Solving events which require research and writing skills.
I have figured out I am more of a STEM student than an English/social studies student. After graduation, I intend to study engineering, a field with very few females. It takes a lot of confidence to enter a male-dominated field as a woman. I have that confidence in part because Success Center helped me regain it when I was 9 years old."
Kira M.

"Success Center for Learning helped me get back on track and caught up with my school work. I have dyslexia/dysgraphia and am ADHD. I was struggling with my reading and in math. Success Center helped me with my reading and math skills and now I am an AB student. Before, I was barely passing. They went back over some of the basics with me and helped me relearn those basics that are necessary. Thank you Success Center."
Laithe G.

"Success Center for Learning has been extremely advantageous to my academic achievements throughout nearly all of my years in school. At an early age, around third grade, I began to have difficulty reading thus my parents took me to Success. There they diagnosed me with Irlen Syndrome. At Success I was given the skills required to prosper in my academics as well as how to work around my handicap rather than use it as a crutch. Later on in my academic career I found myself struggling to complete the English and Reading sections of the ACT, again Success helped. I did a summer ACT program and saw drastic improvements in my scores. While attending the classes I learned valuable test taking skills that I will continue to use as I take my education to the collegiate level. I am very grateful for all that Success Center for Learning has done for me. I know for a fact I could not have done nearly as well in school had it not been for the motivation and skill Success had given me in my adolescent years as I was developing as a third grade student."
Jeffery W.

"Success Center helped me in my first 2 years of high school. The first year, I came to Success Center, I went for Algebra 1, and I felt very comfortable working there. The people that helped me were Ms. Patty and Ms. Alva. They both showed me how to use the book to my advantage plus showed easier ways to work problems. During the time I was there for Algebra I, my confidence grew in doing it, and then my grade in class began to improve. The second year I came to Success Center, I needed help with Geometry. When I returned to Success Center for the second year, it again felt like a calming environment. I didn't feel like I had to be ashamed of getting extra help. Ms. Patty helped me in Geometry showing me different ways to look at the problems I was working. As I continued to go, my grade in Geometry improved from a C to an A. I was very pleased with the results I have gained in my academic achievements since going to Success Center. In my last two years of high school, I did not go to Success Center, not because I didn't struggle, but because they had taught me well enough on how to ask better questions, use the book to may advantage, and take better notes. I believe Success Center will help me in the future because I will continue using what advice they have given me. I highly recommend people to come to Success Center for Learning."
Lauren P.

"I have attended two sets of classes at the Success Center: subject tests for ACT preparation and tutoring in college level calculus; both sets of lessons boosted my grades. I initially took the ACT after self-preparation through an ACT review manual. After completing several hours of ACT preparation classes at Success Center, my ACT score increased from 25 to 27. Also, the calculus tutoring from Mrs. Alva Mason improved not only my calculus grade, but also my understanding of the material. Success Center has made a very large impact in my life—I don't believe that I could have gotten into the Engineering program at Texas A&M without Success Center and its instructors, and I believe that the study habits I learned at Success will help me to be successful in college."
Cody R. 

"I have started this letter about ten times now and I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing I can say to let you know how grateful we are for the program. I have racked my brain for a way to say thank you. The program has been an answered prayer. We watched our son go from a very unhappy little boy with no self-esteem to a happy young man who sees the successful person in himself that we have always known was there. He loves to read! We are a family of readers and he is no different - he just reads to himself now. Thank you for finding and providing the learning atmosphere that helped my child become a successful reader. We love you and you have our prayers."
Steve and Becky O.

“My daughter, Heather, used to hate to go to school. She called herself stupid. Math was her least favorite subject. All of her other grades were fine, but math was her daily battle. She never wanted to raise her hand in class and ask for help for fear of feeling even more stupid. I enrolled her in Success Center. It was the best thing I ever did. She completed her 48 hours of instruction, met all of her goals, and her self-esteem sky-rocketed. The other day I was standing in my kitchen, and Heather came bouncing in from school. I asked her how her day was and she said, “Great! I love math. It’s my favorite subject.” What a difference Success Center has made in my child and my child’s future.”
Lora W.

“Success Center for Learning has given our daughter a gift.
Not only can she read better, her confidence and self-esteem have grown stronger.
We appreciate and trust the staff at the center to keep Allyson doing and being her best.”
Mary Beth E.

"Success Center helped our family at a difficult time in our lives. Our son was beginning to avoid reading altogether. He came to Success for approximately 15 months and worked on reading and math. His confidence in reading grew and the rate increased greatly, helping him comprehend more of what he read. Success Center put him in a much better learning mode and armed him with confidence and information about his needs. I now recommend Success Center personally and professionally. Success Center and schools are a great partnership - the more we know, the better we can help all kids succeed. And isn't that what we all want?"
Kelly P.