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Program Components

arrow Success Center has developed a systematized and scientific approach to learning combined with personal attention in a nurturing environment. Because we identify a student's strengths and weaknesses, each child is working where he/she needs to for maximum learning to occur. Our students build confidence through success and positive feedback motivating them to take learning "risks" without fear of failure. With new academic goals, their attitude and self-esteem improve when working at their instructional level. Our three-step approach produces measurable results.

arrowStep 1-Diagnostic Assessment
We begin with an extensive diagnostic evaluation that isolates a student's skill gaps and assesses current abilities. Then, we conduct an individual Parent Conference to discuss the results of the Diagnostic Assessment. With the parent's permission, Success Center will share the test results and educational goals of the student with the student's teacher. We are part of your team!

arrowStep 2-Individualized Program of Instruction
Based on the Diagnostic Assessment, an individualized academic program is designed for each student. Our 3:1 student-teacher ratio helps students become more independent learners. Remedial and enrichment programs are available in reading, math, algebra, geometry and writing to fit each student's needs. We use a variety of instructional materials and teaching strategies to fit individual leaning styles. We focus on skill development, not tutoring.

arrowStep 3-Results
Our approach works because it provides an individualized program of instruction for each child based on the assessed gaps and strengths. In our prescriptive programs, students average a gain of 1-2 years of reading and math improvement in just 48 hours of instruction. We don't teach our students a few tricks-we teach them how to learn!

arrowWhy does the Success Center approach work?
Success Center provides an individualized program of instruction for each child based on the assessed gaps and strengths. As students work toward new academic goals, their attitude and self-esteem improve because they are working at their instructional level. Success Center works in partnership with parents and schools to more effectively deliver the most effective program of instruction for each student.

arrowSuccess Center Guarantee
Success Center
 guarantees that your child will meet his/her instructional goals in reading and/or math after only 48 hours of instruction. If not, your child will continue coming free of charge for up to 8 hours of instruction until the goals are met.



Special Tutoring
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Success Center offers 1:1
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in several specialized areas:
Algebra I, II
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Subject availability is dependent upon current staff abilites


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Success Center provides both part-time and full-time career opportunities with competitive salaries and continuous training. If you have the desire to work with students of all ages to improve their academic performance and build confidence in learning, call Success Center today